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India to introduce most-stringent anti-trafficking law: Smriti Irani

Union Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development Smriti Irani announced about the law while speaking in the 3rd Laureates and Leaders ‘Fair Share for Children’ Summit. This 3rd Laureates and Leaders for Children Summit were organized in response to the pandemic and the resulting economic impacts that are exacerbating systemic inequalities and creating an unprecedented child rights crisis. Previous Summits were held in 2016 (New Delhi, India) and 2018 (Dead Sea, Jordan).

“In the Ministry of Women and Child Development, we are undertaking an exercise to present to Parliament the most stringent law possible on Trafficking of Women and Children. To address child labour, action needs to begin now, and I say this on behalf of the organizations that I lead and I serve, especially in the Textile Sector. There is an understanding that the Indian government and the Indian Parliament has banned child labour and that punishments will be the strictest faced by a corporate entity or by a manufacturing unit,” said, Smriti Irani.

With necessary urgency, Nobel Laureates, world, and youth leaders joined in common cause to demand US$1 trillion to protect the world’s most marginalised children in the wake of COVID-19 at the culmination of the Laureates and Leaders ‘Fair Share for Children’ Summit. Held over the past two days the Summit discussed the rapidly emerging global child rights crisis resulting from COVID-19 and put forward united solutions.