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‘Incessant trolling of people is not the way out’: Madhurima Tuli

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Madhurima Tuli was recently seen on the show, Avrodh and had shared screen space with Amit Sadh on the web show. During an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, Madhurima spoke about the show’s response and the ongoing insider-outsider debate in the industry that was sparked by Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death.

Madhurima said, “I am very happy about seeing the response to the show. I did not get to do a lot of scenes with Amit Sadh, but I cherish whatever time we spent together on sets. He is a very focused actor, and the way he gets into his role is something else altogether. I wish we had more scenes together.”

Speaking further about the insider-outsider debate in the industry, she said, “See, insiders definitely have the access and contacts. But it kind of happens in every profession. I feel you cannot get affected and just need to move ahead. I feel ultimately it is your destiny and talent that takes you forward in this field. Yes, I have been heartbroken when someone else has got some role just because of her contacts but you need to accept it.”

Madhurima also did not shy away from commenting on the media trial in Sushant’s case. She said, “Whatever happened was a huge tragedy but please let agencies do their work. He definitely deserved a lot more. This incessant trolling of people is not the way out. Seeing the response, I can gauge that people now want to support outsiders. It is a very good thing but please avoid trolling other people. It is harmful for their mental health. These star kids also have to work hard. When they make their debuts, there is a sense of excitement as their parents have left behind a legacy. It is their hard work that earns them a platform, at times but they too have to slog it out. Encourage good talent whenever you spot it. This trolling does not serve any purpose.”