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In Italy, Punjabi Mahikpreet Sandhu tops in fashion designing.

ROME – Children from the Punjabi community in Italy’s academic sector are now working day and night to set new records and set records each year with 100/100 marks in the upcoming school-college results. It is a matter of great pride for Punjabis. Among these Indian children, the daughters of Punjab are at the forefront, which is becoming a source of pride for the parents.

One such is Mahikpreet Sandhu, a daughter of Punjab, who recently topped the Fashion Designer’s course at the Naba International Academy of Art and Design University in Milan with 100/100 marks. Mahikpreet Sandhu lives with her daughters Parvinder Singh Sandhu and Sukhjinder Jeet Kaur in Cremona, Italy. Mahikpreet Sandhu started her education with a course in fashion design from a school in Cremona with a background in the village of Khalor in Punjab’s Mohali district.

It may be recalled that Mahikpreet Sandhu is the first Punjabi at the Nabha International Academy of Art and Design University, Milan, who has surpassed the students of many other countries to make Punjabit famous, including her parents. Mahikpreet’s achievement in the field of education has made the name of the entire Punjabi community living in Italy bright. The family members are being congratulated by the relatives and other relatives for the success of this daughter of Punjab.

It is also worth mentioning here that last year also many children of Punjabi community living on Italian soil achieved a special status among the children of other countries by creating a new history of success in the field of education by excelling in various subjects. Did.