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Husband Nikhil Jain reveals, says Nusrat Jahan refuses to register marriage

Mumbai: Bengali actress and Trinamool Congress MP Nusrat Jahan is in the news for her marriage and pregnancy. The relationship between Nusrat and her husband Nikhil Jain had deteriorated since last year. When the issue of divorce arose, Nusrat had made it clear that his Turkish marriage was not legal in the country. Nusrat, who has been active on social media, has deleted her wedding photos.

Nusrat Jahan has been living apart from her husband for the last 6 months. Nusrat Jahan had alleged to her husband that Nikhil Jain had illegally withdrawn money from her bank account without her knowledge. Now Nikhil Jain has spoken out against Nusrat’s allegations and marital life. In a one-page statement, Nikhil wrote, “There was no love, even after that I proposed to Nusrat. He gladly accepted me. We went to Turkey for a destination wedding. After getting married in 2019, we moved to Kolkata
Also gave a reception.

“We both lived as husband and wife and that’s how we presented ourselves in society,” he wrote. I invested my time and other things like my husband. Family, friends and relatives all know what I did not do for Nusrat. I have always supported him without any greed. However, shortly after the marriage, her attitude toward me and her marriage began to change. Nusrat has accused Nikhil of using his money to claim that he was rich, while illegally withdrawing money from my account even after separating from me. .

“I have discussed the matter with the bankers,” Nusrat said. I will report it to the police soon. When asked, I gave the account details. My money has been misused without my permission. I will bring out the proof of this soon. Nusrat further said that Nikhil has kept the jewelery given to him by his parents and relatives and friends. Not only this, with the help of his hard earned money he can buy jewelry.