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give your mom the much-needed pampering with a spa-day,This Mother’s Day

This year, more than ever, our moms need some me-time to sit back and unwind. While most of us have now been working from home, our moms have been working round-the-clock every day juggling between household chores, office work and a million other things. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate her for everything she’s been doing for us.

Since we are all quarantined at home this Mother’s Day, let’s give our mom a gift that she will truly cherish amid this gloom and uncertainty around the pandemic – the gift of relaxation! Take charge and help out with the household chores while your mom gets an extra hour of sleep. You can start by making her a delicious breakfast and let her enjoy that while binging on a sitcom that’s been on her watchlist since forever.

We’re sure she misses her salon trips during the lockdown. So, bring the salon home for her and give her an at-home spa-day making the most of this special day! With a few simple products which you could find in your vanity or simply order online, let her relax and get some “me time”.

Start with an anti-ageing sheet mask to give her the youthful glow she deserves. Follow that with a refreshingly lightweight moisturiser to give her a happy, radiant and healthy-looking complexion.

Vitamin-C infused moisturisers would be the ideal choice as it is super nourishing and the zesty citrus scent will give her those perfect summertime feels! Our skin needs hydration now more than ever due to the increasing heat during summers. Add in a hydrating stick to nourish her skin and sooth her puffy eyes to keep her looking refreshed all day long. Even during summers, our lips can get dry and chapped so choose a creamy sugar scrub to buff away dead skin and make her lips pucker up for all the pouting selfies you’re going to take post her spa session!