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Flood Situation at Prayagraj; Ganga, Yamuna rising at alarming rate

The water level of the Ganga and Yamuna rivers has started rising at an alarming rate, forcing many residents living in the flood-prone areas to shift to safer locations in Uttar Pradesh`s Prayagraj.

Although both, the Ganga and Yamuna, are still flowing below the danger mark, the water being released from barrages in Kanpur and Mata Tila in Lalitpur has put the district administration on alert. The barrage in Kanpur is built over the Ganga, while the one in Lalitpur is constructed over the Betwa.

On Monday, the river water started inundating low-lying areas in Phaphamau, Salori, Daraganj, and Jhunsi areas. The Ganga water level at Phaphamau increased by 19 cm as compared to Sunday.

At Chhatnag, which is around two kilometers downstream of Sangam, the Ganga has risen by 38 cm and its water level was recorded as 77.08 Mt.

Officials said that the Yamuna water level has been increasing at the rate of 35 cm over the past 24 hours. At Naini, the water level of the Yamuna on Monday was 77.80 Mt.

Executive engineer of the flood control unit, Brijesh Kumar Verma, said, “At 4 p.m., the water level of Ganga at Phaphamau was recorded as 79.45 Mt. At Chhatnag, the level was recorded as 77.23 Mt. At Naini, Yamuna`s water level was recorded as 77.80 Mt at 4 p.m.”

“The huge volume of water discharged into the Ganga from Kanpur barrage and from Betwa in Lalitpur would be reaching the district over the next 24 hours. The water level of both the rivers is expected to increase further,” said Verma.