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Firing at two places in Canada, two people died

The news of firing at Barampton, Canada, has been reported in two places. Two persons were killed and the woman was also injured on the incident during the shootout. The firing incidents took place on Sunday morning. Peel Regional Police is investigating cases of firing.

At around 2 am on Sunday morning, Emergency crew called after the bullets to call Vauden Street. Peel Paramadicus said that after the incident a man and a woman were taken to a hospital in critical condition. Men died during treatment at 8 o’clock in the morning of Zakhmi and the condition of the other remains serious. In this connection, the police had a white suspect who had a Ford F1 pickup truck, which was looking for the police. The police has not identified the identity of the victims.

Shortly after the first incident, the police were called in the Sanford Drive area. Peel police, who reached the spot, saw that a male victim had died on the spot. This incident took place at around 6:30 in the morning. In this case the police could not find any information about the suspect nor did it know whether there is any relation between the two incidents or not. Police are engaged in the investigation of the case after closing the road after the incident.