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Farmers Protest : Hundreds of NRIs protesting outside Indian Embassy NewYork, against Modi’s new agriculture laws

Hundreds of NRI’s against the farmer’s bill have swarmed to Manhattan in front of Indian Embassy in New york, where they intend to protest new agricultural laws that they say could destroy farmer’s livelihoods. The non-resident Indians (NRIs) have openly come out in support of the protesting farmers in Delhi and has started sending them aid. The NRIs say they are worried and shocked over brutality to the farmers. Lakhs of Indians in US, Canada Sign Online Petitions Demanding Justice for Farmers Protesting at Home. Punjabi diaspora worried, shocked over ‘brutality’ against farmers. The favorable impression of the Modi government among Non Resident Indians (NRIs) across the world is fading fast owing to the brutal use of force on Punjab farmers heading towards Delhi in protest against newly introduced farm laws by the union government

Around 50,000 Canadian dollar (Rs 25 lakhs) has been donated by Raja Dhaliwal of Canada’s “World Financial Group” and the executive team to help the farmers and they have donated for providing langar to the farmers. They have given the money to Ravi Singh of the Khalsa Aid.

In India farmers from the nearby states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh began arriving by tractors and on foot at the outskirts of New Delhi last week, where they blocked roads and set up makeshift camps, according to protest leaders. Some slept on the road or in their tractors, and several places of worship offered protesters food.