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Established 20 meters below sea level, Boeing, the world’s largest underwater theme park, will open in August

Undergraduate Theme Park is built in a million square feet area.

Tourism Agency of Bahrain said that the project is completely eco-friendly.

The world’s largest underwater theme park will open in August this year. The Boeing 747 aircraft has been installed 20 meters below sea level on the northern coast of Bahrain. An Artificial Reef has been prepared on this island for Amavas. This plane can be seen from sea level, but diving will have to be done to enjoy the inside scenes.


The park will also have a moti palace, coral reef and colorful sculptures.
All the decorations have been removed except for the aircraft’s aluminum structure. The 70-meter Boeing 747 theme park is the main attraction. Park will be built in one lakh square meter. Apart from the aircraft, there will be a 900-square meter moti palace, coral reef and many colorful sculptures.

Park is being developed on the lines of Bahrain’s The Pearl Trail World UNESCO Heritage Sites. Emphasis is placed on keeping it eco-friendly. The aim of the agency is to develop the Coral Reef here and also to shelter the sea creatures.

In the last 10 years Bahrain’s coral reef has suffered a lot and it is on the verge of ending. The objective of the project is to end the coral existence, ending in the Persian Gulf.

Bahrain’s Commerce and Tourism Minister Zayed Bin Rashid Al-Zayani said, “We are proud to introduce this unique eco-friendly project in the partnership of diving companies. The new theme park will be the hub of tourist attraction.