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Entrepreneurial Czar Yoshiya Kato plans to bring Japanese finesse to an Indian Basketball court

Japan and India are known as two powerful eastern economies with strong diplomatic and economic relations Japan is one of the third largest investors in the Indian economy. More than 1400 Japanese companies are operating in India at present. Taking a cue from strong

Indo-Japanese business relations Japanese businessman Yoshiya Kato has some tremendous plans to change the whole scenario of the condition of the Basketball game in India.

Yoshiya Kato, who is well-known in Japan as a start-up ace and a brain behind the success of whopping 55 entrepreneurial ventures, is born and brought up in Karatsu city of Japan. His propinquity with Indian origin basketball player Rohit Bakshi prompted him to come to India in 2017, as Rohit Bakshi had a keen desire to change the deplorable condition of Basketball infrastructure and players of India.

Yoshiya Kato is the chairman of FIBA official 3x3International professional Basketball league ‘3 BL’, and also chairman of Massive Drive Company ltd which is the operating company of Karatsu Leo Blacks, 3×3 professional basketball team. He aims to acquaint Indian basketball players with enormous opportunities in the sport of basketball, through 3BL.

He is the owner of YKBK48 Entertainment Private Ltd which is the operating company of DEL48 and MUM48. DEL48 is the 8th sister concern of AKBK48and an Indian Idol group.

In 2017 he established 3×3 International professional Basketball league 3BLin India and was also appointed as its chairman. On December 19, 2017Kato unveiled Massive Drive Co., Ltd. as the Chairman. In February 2018, he introduced KARATSU LEO BLACKS, a three-person professional basketball team. On February 14, 2019, Karatsu City and Karatsu Leo Blacks signed a comprehensive exchange declaration. We paid a courtesy call to Mayor Mine of Karatsu City and consented to jointly and cooperatively aggrandize the healthy development of youth and sports stimulation through multifaceted exchanges centred around basketball. He launched the AKB48 sister group “DEL48” and “MUB48” in India on 20 June 2019.