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Dorian topples huge crane in Canada, scary video goes viral

Now classified as a post-tropical cyclone, Dorian slammed into Canada’s Atlantic coast on Saturday. The storm created a chaotic situation in the area – knocking down trees and cutting power. Amidst this, a terrifying video of a large construction crane collapsing made its way online and eventually, went viral.

The clip shows a huge crane collapsing under the strong winds of Dorian onto a high-rise building that was under construction.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident.

The video created quite a stir among people and several people started sharing it across different social media platforms. Collectively, the clip has amassed millions of views and the numbers are still increasing.

There were different sorts of comments on the video. While some people wondered why nobody removed the huge equipment beforehand, there were some who were simply scared.

Earlier this week, Hurricane Dorian ripped into the Bahamas with Category 5 winds. The Hurricane left flood and destruction at its wake.