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Dilip Kumar is not only on ventilator but also on oxygen support, will get leave in 2-3 days

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar was admitted to Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital on Sunday. It is learned that he was having difficulty in breathing due to which he was admitted to the hospital.

There was a lot of news on social media about Dilip Kumar being placed on a ventilator and his condition is critical. Apart from this, news of Dilip Kumar’s death was also spread, on which Saira Bano gave her statement and informed the people about Dilip’s health.

However, Dilip Kumar’s Twitter account has given a new update on his health. The update states that they are not on a ventilator but on oxygen support. “Dilip Kumar is not on ventilator but on oxygen support,” the tweet said. His condition is now stable. Waiting for some test results before pleural aspiration.

This statement has been made by Dr. Jalil Parkar, who is a Chest Specialist and is treating Dilip Sahib. What happens next will be announced.

Dilip Saab is on oxygen support – not on ventilator. He is stable. Waiting for few test results to perform pleural aspiration: Dr Jalil Parkar, chest specialist treating Saab. – Dilip Kumar (@TheDilipKumar) June 7, 2021

Saira Bano’s reaction to the news of her death

Saira Bano wrote on Dilip Kumar’s official Twitter handle: “Don’t trust Whistle Forward. The condition of Dilip Sahib is as follows. Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and supplications. According to doctors, he will be home in two-three days. God willing. ”

Millions of Dilip Saab’s fans look upto you for update on his health. You have always done a great job. Please verify from this twitter handle instead of calling anybody who may not have direct knowledge. -FF – Dilip Kumar (@TheDilipKumar) June 7, 2021

Problems with water in the lungs

According to an e-Times report, Dilip’s doctor Jalil Parkar said that his lungs were flooded. At the same time, they have been placed on oxygen support and are struggling with bilateral pleural infusion and their oxygen levels have been declining.Saab is stable. Thank you for your heart-felt duas and prayers. As per doctors, he should be home in 2-3 days. Insh’Allah. – Dilip Kumar (@TheDilipKumar) June 6, 2021

Sharad Pawar arrives at the hospital to visit Dilip

Nationalist Congress Party president Sharad Pawar had reached the hospital to see him. Recently, a picture went viral on social media showing Sharad Pawar coming out of the hospital. Sharad Power had reached the hospital to meet Dilip Kumar and inquire about his condition. An important request from all the people in the media

Sahib’s crores of traps get updates from you. We request you to help us to stop the rumors. This will be a regular update post on the platform. – Dilip Kumar (@TheDilipKumar) June 7, 2021

Last month, Dilip Kumar was admitted to the hospital for some checkups. After being admitted for two days at that time, Dilip Kumar was again discharged from the hospital. The actress and his wife Saira Bano then thanked the fans for praying for the actor.