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Covid-19: Canadian corporates send Rs 354 crore aid to India

Toronto : Canadian corporations affiliated with India have contributed approximately C 59 59 million (Rs 354 crore) to help a friendly country during the second wave of the Corona epidemic.

The Canada-India Business Council (C-IBC) said in a statement on Friday that its members had contributed more than C 58 58,822,150 to India. We are grateful for the continued support and ongoing initiative and generosity of our members in helping the people of India. ”

The statement also said that although the vaccination drive in the country has intensified which has slowed down the pace of infection in the country in the last few weeks and the number of positive cases has been steadily declining, the risk of an epidemic has not abated. Infections are on the rise in many states of India, the council said. The CIBC has continued to support relief efforts for the people of India. Has emerged as a profitable platform.

CIBC He said that this financial contribution has helped in the construction of temporary hospitals in the country, provision of beds, supply of medical oxygen and essential medicines as well as PPE.

The kits have been instrumental in caring for migrants and fighting the corona epidemic across India. He added that at a critical juncture, Canadian companies wanted to send a message that they wanted to do something to help India.

CIBC The President expressed happiness

CIBC “It is gratifying that Canadian companies operating in the Indo-Canada Economic Corridor have also stepped in to provide assistance,” said Victor Thomas, President of the IAEA.

The fund is provided primarily by the Canadian Red Cross. While some companies supplied essential medical supplies. There, the major Canadian Pension Funds launched goods grant programs based on the contributions of their employees, not direct contributions.