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Covid-19: Canada cancels flights to India, many stranded

Toronto (Bureau) Many countries have suspended flights to India indefinitely due to rising cases of corona virus. The Canadian government had also abruptly canceled all passenger flights from India in the past. Cargo ships are the only means of transporting essential goods. Similar to the lockout in March last year, some Canadians are stranded in India and many Indians are stranded in Canada. They have to do their best to return because at present there are no arrangements being made by the governments of the two countries to bring back their citizens.

As of May 4, there were flights from India to the United States, causing some Canadians to return to Canada via that route. Kaushal Dheeraj Parikh from the Indian Embassy in Toronto said that the Indian government has no plans to repatriate Indians from Canada after the cancellation of flights. He also said that so far no Indian has approached him to return from Canada. Dheeraj said people keep getting information to go to India in case of family emergencies but there is no rush for Indian nationals to return from Canada due to flight closures.

He also said that this is not the time to travel so that people can stay wherever they are and keep themselves safe by getting vaccinated. He said the provincial government in Ontario had instructed people not to leave their homes because of the corona virus. As a result, the Indian embassy is also closed. He said it was important to take precautionary measures if an Indian citizen or embassy services were needed in an emergency. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau also called on the public not to leave Canada because of the volatile nature of the virus. Let’s go.

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