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China’s fast-growing fruit consumption, imports up eight times in May, highest demand for bananas

Like India, the middle classes also grew rapidly in China, also increased awareness of health.

In a year, the price of bananas in China rose by 30 percent, the demand for foreign fruit also increased.

Beijing Like India, the middle class has increased rapidly even in China. Along with this, awareness of health has also increased significantly. China imported 7.2 million tonnes of fruits and nuts in May 2019. This is about eight times more than the May of 2018. Banana demand in fruits has increased rapidly. China imported 2.27 lakh tonnes of banana in May 2019 The advantage of the growing popularity of fruits in China is the highest in Southeast Asia and South America.


China’s market place in Japan
Japan was a big market for banana exporting countries like Philippines and Costa Rica, but now China has replaced Japan. In 2018, two-thirds of the total ban exports from the Philippines reached China. China has now become the largest market for banana exporters of Mexico and Cambodia. In 2018, China imposed a total of 15.4 million tonnes of banana. This is 50% more than the 2017. This year’s estimated 2 million tonnes of imports.


If demand increases then expensive fruits
The price of fruits in China has also increased significantly due to demand increases. It is also increasing China’s retail inflation. The price of banana has accelerated almost 30% in a year. The decline in banana production in China is also being considered as the reason for the rise in imports. Due to the fungus infection known as Panama Disease in the last few years, banana production has decreased in China.
10 thousand times increase avocado imports
Apart from bananas, the demand for foreign fruits such as cherries, avocados and durian have also increased significantly in China. These fruits are said to be better for health. In the last seven years, avocado imports in China increased by 10 thousand times. China imports most of Chile’s imports from Chile. In 2018, about 70% of the total exports of cherries from Chile were done to China. China does not impose an import duty on cherries coming from Chile.