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Celine Dion makes style statement at Haute Couture Fashion Week

Shattering the fashion statute, legendary singer Celine Dion dazzled her way across the Schiaparelli Fall Winter show, wearing eccentric and ill-fitted pair of shoes, with insoles peering out of them.

The 51-year-old singer, who was spotted in Paris attending shows during Haute Couture Fashion Week, donned an all-black halter-neck midi dress and elbow length gloves. But, what gave a whimsical touch to her otherwise arid outfit were the open-toe shoes. The all black open-toed snakeskin-embossed boots had an inch of insole inching forward. The insole featured a blue design which looked like a cloud on a sunny day.

The look made the “my heart will go on” singer look like she was walking on the clouds.

What was earlier considered a faux pas, has now become the style statement as Dion made it look chic rather than ill-fitted.

According to one of Dion’s stylist, Pepe Munoz, the entire look was custom Schiaparelli from head to toe, reported

This was not only the show-stopping dress which Dion had worn during the Haute Couture Fashion Week. She had worn a transparent gown to the Iris van Herpen Fall Winter show on July 1.

Dion wore one of Herpen’s 3D-printed dresses, having a wavy texture.

Another one of Dion’s bold outfit choices for the fashion week was mismatched shoes.

Sporting a blazer and yellow mini, the singer waded out in the streets wearing a pair of $750 mismatched heels by Jimmy Choo, reported

While one heel was black with a white pointed toe, other was yellow with a white pointed toe.