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Celebs share what they love most about the monsoon season


Monsoon and its myriad magic — the pitter-patter, the petrichor and pakora-binges, celebs share what the season means to them.

Memory lane

Monsoon signifies that nature is still with us. Monsoon can be tough in Mumbai, but we endure it. I go to the beach and enjoy the freshness. Tip Tip Barsaa Paani has been one of my all-time favourites because I loved the film Mohra while growing up. When we were kids, my cousins and I used to play in rain and get soaked.

Season of love

Since the year last, monsoon celebrations have been with my own songs — Baarish and Baarish Ban Jaana. Even in these tough times, it has been beautiful for me! I love dipping cookies in a great cup of cappuccino and cheese Maggi during monsoon. My pet Zoey and I love playing in the rain.

Great joy

Well, monsoon is all about chai and bhajiyas for me; it’s just those little things that make you happy. Tip Tip Barsa Paani will be my all-time favourite Bollywood rain song. When I had just moved to India from Canada, my first monsoon was fantastic as I had never experienced rain like that before.

Beach fun

I like to go for a run and dance in the rain with friends. Chai, pakodas, samosa and Maggi are my constant companions. Zara Zara, Bhage Re Maan Kahi and Nazm Nazm are uplifting numbers. I love going to the beach during monsoon.

Fantastic feel

I wait throughout the year for monsoon. Since I live on Marine Drive, bang opposite the sea, I open the window and watch clouds coming and splashing water. Lagi Aaj Sawan Ki from the film Chandni is my favourite rain song.

Know the ragas

The incredible thing is that we have a different raga for every aspect of monsoon —Megh Malhar is for the onset of rain, Miyan Malhar is a request to nature to tone down its torrential fury, Gaud Malhar is about the playful interaction between sun and rain during the retreating monsoon, and so on. This year, I plan to bring forth a few tracks based on some monsoon melodies that I have enjoyed since childhood.