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Brother-sister crosses each other, walking on the cable at an altitude of 1300 feet.

A stunt walk was held at Times Square, New York, Lijana Wallendas and Nick Wallendas walked on cable for 36 minutes.

Nick has had such a walk before Niagara Falls and Chicago.

New York (US) Stunts were Walked on Times Square in New York on Sunday. During this time, the siblings walked on a cable at a height of 25 floors (about 1300 feet above). They also cross each other. In this walk of 36 minutes, Lijana sat on Valandas (42) cable. So that their brother Nick Wallendas (40) could cross them.

Nick told that it was the first stunt of the Lijana, before it fell down in a pyramid in 2017, when he fell. 8 people were injured in the accident Almost all the bones of Lizana’s face were broken. On Sundays, Nick’s focus was on more focus than himself. Wallendas has been doing such stunts for 6 years. In 2012, for the first time, they had stunts between Niagara Falls and two multi-storey buildings in Chicago in 2014.