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BJP attacks ‘Rahul, Rihanna and racket’

With many international personalities and celebrities lending support to India’s agitating farmers, the BJP on Wednesday lashed out at “propaganda and fake narratives”, accusing Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of “conspiring with anti-India elements during his trips abroad”.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra alleged that Rahul Gandhi “goes abroad to hatch conspiracy with anti-India elements as to how to defame India and drag the country into controversies”.

“Be it Rihanna or Mia Khalifa or others like them who have tweeted, Rahul Gandhi meets these people for anti-India propaganda,” he claimed.

Stating that the title of his press conference was “Rahul, Rihanna and racket”, Patra claimed Gandhi is “using farmers’ protests for his political interests and instigating people to do politics over dead bodies”.

Patra said farmers have been saying they have nothing to do with politics but Gandhi has shown his “immaturity” by trying to talk on their behalf. He also defended the massive barricading done by the Delhi Police to block farmers on Delhi borders. The police have taken measures to ensure that the violence which happened on January 26 is not repeated, he said.

“Even the Congress and Rahul Gandhi had asked why farmers were allowed to enter Red Fort and they are now upset at the Delhi Police for taking preventing measures,” Patra said, alleging that they wanted conflict and police firing so that “there are dead bodies to do politics over”.

On Gandhi’s allegation that there is no leadership in India, Patra said he may have been speaking with the Congress on mind. On his veiled dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi as to why names of so many dictators begin with the letter “M”, Patra said names of former prime minister Manmohan Singh and Mahatma Gandhi also begin with the same letter.

He also objected to the Punjab government and the Congress deciding to provide legal aid to those against whom the police had taken legal action during Delhi violence on January 26.

“Earlier they were alleging that BJP agents were responsible for the violence, now they are providing them legal aid. There is no institution in the country that would stand with anarchists and the rioters of January 26. Are these people associated with Rahul Gandhi and that is why he is ready to provide legal aid to them,” Patra questioned.

Attacking Gandhi over his allegation that the government wants to “kill” farmers, Patra said the Delhi Police acted with admirable restraint, pointing to the 1998-incident in Madhya Pradesh when over 28 farmers were killed in a police firing when the Congress was in power. “You (Gandhi) have done politics over the dead bodies of farmers. You are spreading lies,” he said.