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Big news: Australia extends international travel ban from September

Sydney : The international travel ban imposed by Australia has been extended till September 2021. This is how the ‘Biosecurity Emergency Period’ has expanded. The government now has the power to ban foreign flights and cruise ships. Health Minister Great Hunt on Thursday confirmed that the ‘Human Biosecurity Emergency Period’ declared from March 17, 2021 under the Biosecurity Act 2015 has been extended for three months. It was supposed to end on June 17, 2021 but will now run until September 17, 2021.

By September, Australia’s borders will be closed for a year and a half. It has been closed since last year in view of Kovid. On the other hand, the country is still lagging behind in terms of vaccinating all Australians by December 2021.

A statement from Hunt’s office said the travel ban was imposed on expert medical and epidemiological advice provided by the Australian President’s Health Protection Committee (AHPPC) and the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer. AHPPC said that the international cowardly situation is still worrisome so the ban should be extended.

However, some flights will be allowed despite the travel ban. This includes travel bubbles with countries like New Zealand. Australia, on the other hand, was to travel bubble with the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Pie Dangerous alpha and delta variants of Covid-19 have been seen in many countries in recent times.

People’s immunization plan

There is talk in Australia that the government will launch a pilot program for fully vaccinated Australians. The aim is to allow people who have been vaccinated since August to travel abroad. However, under the scheme, citizens will be allowed to travel to certain selected countries. This will include low-risk destinations. There they will have to show a Covid-19 negative report on their return to the country. It is worth mentioning here that 52 lakh doses of vaccine have been given to people in Australia so far.