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Biden reversed Trump’s decision to remove the ban on these apps, including TikTok

Washington: The Biden administration has taken a big step in the decision of former US President Donald Trump to ban several Chinese apps, including TikTok.

News agency AP According to the report, the Biden administration has reversed Trump’s decision and will now review the apps itself. President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order lifting Trump’s ban on several Chinese apps, including TicTac and WeChat. The US Secretary of Commerce will now examine the apps, which are owned by Chinese companies, to see if they pose a threat to US data confidentiality or national security.

Former US President Donald Trump has issued an executive order banning the Chinese video-sharing mobile app TikTalk in the country. It also issued executive orders banning several other Chinese apps. Trump’s order was challenged in court and is still pending in several courts. However, Trump’s order will become ineffective after the Biden administration’s executive order is issued on Wednesday. The Biden administration has reversed a number of Trump administration decisions since coming to power, including a major decision.