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Bengaluru violence: HDK urges BJP, Congress to shun ‘petty politics’

Accusing the BJP and the Congress of indulging in “mudslinging” over recent violence in the city, JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy on Friday said both national parties stood exposed before the people, as he urged them to leave “petty politics”.

In an open letter to the Congress and the BJP, the former Chief Minister has questioned both parties regarding their conduct in connection with the incident.

“DJ Halli riots are a Law and Order issue. The incident should have been investigated and the guilty should have been punished. Any responsible government and the party in power should have learned lessons from the incident and initiated preventive steps to avoid recurrence of similar events,” Kumaraswamy said.

Instead, both national political parties have used it to indulge in “mudslinging”, he said.

This way, the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress stand exposed by losing both leadership and confidence in the minds of the people.

Accusing both parties of looking out for ‘political polarisation’ from every incident, he asked them to answer some of his questions while urging them to “leave petty politics”.

Political slugfest is currently on between both parties over the August 11 riots, with Ministers in the BJP government citing investigation so far alleging that local political differences within the Congress and the SDPI’s larger conspiracy to disturb law and order were among the major reasons for the violence.

The Congress has charged the BJP with using power to fix its leaders and workers in the incident to “cover-up” its failure in handling the riots.

Pointing out that the Congress alleges that there was a political conspiracy behind the riots, Kumaraswamy asked: “Is this conspiracy being from within the party or outside? or ticket aspirants? Does Congress have the courage to make public these secrets? Do at times, leaders who came from other parties become unpalatable for the Congress?”

Also suggesting that whenever there was a discussion on banning the SDPI, the Congress became over-reactive and challenged those in power to ban, he asked the grand old party to explain what was the benefit that they were going to get by banning or not banning it.

Terming the DJ Halli incident as the “biggest law and order failure” on the part of the government, Home Department and the Intelligence, while turning towards the BJP, Kumaraswamy said the government, which should have owned the responsibility, had absolutely become “irresponsible”.