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Air India orders inquiry after President Kovind stuck for 3 hours at Zurich

Air India has ordered a “full inquiry” in the incident where President Ram Nath Kovind’s Air India One flight was delayed at Zurich on Sunday after the plane developed a technical snag, reported news agency ANI.

The Boeing 747 aircraft was scheduled to fly the President from Zurich to Slovenia.

The President’s departure from Switzerland to Slovenia was delayed for about three hours on Sunday after his Air India One faced a technical glitch at the Zurich airport.

The President drove to the airport but was asked to return to his hotel after a ‘Rudder Fault’ was detected in the aircraft.

Soon after the snag was detected, Air India kept a Boeing 777 plane on standby at London to fly to Zurich for Kovind, reported PTI quoting a source.

The glitch, however, was set right at Zurich by Air India engineers and Kovind took off for Slovenia, the source told PTI.

Kovind is on a tour to Iceland, Switzerland and Slovenia that started on September 9.

Air India planes are used for ferrying VVIPs, including the President and the Prime Minister.