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Air Canada passenger falls asleep on plane wakes up alone

Just think you should go to the plane as you travel and after awaking you know that all the passengers and crew members of the plane have gone from there and it has been midnight. Perhaps this will not be less than a scary dream for you. But if you are told that this event is absolutely true then you probably will not believe it. In fact, there was some air in Canada. What Tiffany Adams, a woman named after the Air Canada flight for Toronto, was not less than any scary experience.

Tiffany slept in a plane going to Toronto and after hours slept on a dark, empty and locked plane at Toronto International Airport, she was very scared. He did not understand what to do at the time.

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Tiffany shared his horror experience on Facebook, which became quite viral on social media. He wrote, ‘I jumped around midnight (after a few hours of flight), the flight was absolutely dark and due to cold, the condition was getting worse, I did not understand that it was a nightmare or how could it be possible Happened.’

All the gates of the flight were closed and it was quite dark-
Tiffany could not charge his phone because the main power of the aircraft was turned off. Because of this, he became even more disturbed. However, luck favored them when Tiffany stumbled over a flashlight right there. Then he managed to open a plane in some way and started coming out and pointing to flashlight. After some time the plane’s ground staff looked at the light of the flashlight and extended it toward the aircraft to save Tiffany, then Tiffany was flown to Air by Air Canada officials. But Tiffany is still unable to forget this incident.