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After Bengaluru violence, Hyderabad police on alert to monitor offensive social media posts

In the aftermath of the Bengaluru violence which jeopardised the city’s law and order situation, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police (CP) Anjani Kumar asked officers and City Police`s social media unit to monitor and update senior officers on any derogatory social media posts.

Kumar held a video conference with all senior police officers following the violence in Bengaluru.”In case of any exigency, the response time should be less than 10 minutes to reach the spot,” he said, adding that all senior officers should arrive at the spot and utilise all available resources to keep the situation under control and peaceful.

“We have zero tolerance for communal situations. There will be no jurisdiction in any police station during a crisis. All nearby officers, Blue Colt teams and patrol cars should reach the spot as early as possible,” he said.

All the Station Head Officers and will be present round the clock in the police station with the Divisional ACP and to remain in the Zone throughout the night.

Meanwhile, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar warned people against posting inappropriate and inflammatory content on social media.

“As you are aware, a malicious social media post has led to violence in Bengaluru resulting in loss of life and property. Do not post or circulate inappropriate content on social media which is likely to adversely affect public order and peace in the society,” Sajjanar said, adding that the Cyberabad Police was on the lookout for unsocial elements circulating malicious content on social media.