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After Amit Malviya, Swamy engages in duel with Education Minister Pokhriyal on Twitter over JEE

After his attack against BJP’s IT cell in-charge Amit Malviya, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy is now engaged in an argument with Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal over the JEE examination issue.

Responding to Pokhriyal, Swamy claimed he would soon tweet what the Ministry of Education had stated to the Supreme Court.

After Swamy on Wednesday claimed 18 lakh students had applied for JEE-Mains, Pokhriyal corrected him towards the evening by placing on record what he called as “facts regarding JEE-Mains exams”.

Pokhriyal said, “The number of applicants for JEE-Mains stood at 8.58 lakh, not 18 lakh, as Swamy had tweeted.”

Swamy had said, “I just got an accurate count on how many students took the JEE exams this last week: out of 18 lakh who downloaded passes, only 8 lakh turned up to take the exam. What a disgrace for the nation, which extols ‘Vidhya’ (education) and Gyan (knowledge)!”

The senior BJP leader, known for his maverick ways and plain-speak, is under attack from his party’s massive and active army of social media users overviews regarding the economy and JEE-NEET exams during COVID pandemic.

Swamy has, in fact, given an ultimatum to the BJP to remove its high-profile IT cell head Amit Malviya by Thursday. However, he has not received much support from his colleagues on this.

Swamy had on Monday accused Malviya of running a campaign against him using fake tweets. He said removing Malviya was the “compromise proposal” he had made to BJP president JP Nadda.

“By tomorrow if Malaviya is not removed from BJP IT cell (which is my five villages compromise proposal to Nadda), it means the party brass does not want to defend me. Since there is no forum in the party where I can ask for cadre opinion, hence I will have to defend myself,” Swamy had said.

Swamy has been facing criticism from within the party on his stance on some issues, including the economy and conduct of JEE-NEET during COVID and also reservations regarding GST implementation.

He has been supporting student protests against the Narendra Modi government’s decision to conduct JEE and NEET, calling for their postponement.