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8 rest capsules placed at the airport in China, with the comfort of charging facilities

The capsule gate QR code opens only after scanning.

With the comfort chair, internet access was also provided.

Beijing (China) Capsule 8 rest chambers have been kept for passengers at Hongzhou International Airport in Jiangxi Province. Travelers can sit and relax in them. These capsules are equipped with modern amenities. There is a large and comfortable chair to relax. With the help of mobile, laptop charging, internet is also provided. Airport officials said that a capsule is made up of three square meters. Their gate queue codes are opened only after scanning.

Chair beds
This capsule cabin was named AirPod at HongZhou International Airport. Its specialty is that it not only has a comfortable chair fit to sit in, but a button is pressed when the button is pressed. This type of concept has already arrived at the European Union (EU) airport.

There is so much room in this rest chamber that you can also keep your luggage and other necessary things in it. Apart from this, you will not even need to get out of the capsule to get the information of the flight. Due to the net, it gets all the updates.

At the same time, this small airpad will also have facilities like high speed Wi-Fi, air freshener, air conditioner and power socket.