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51% jump in desis getting Canadian ‘green card’

Interest among the Indian diaspora (including those based in the US) in acquiring permanent residency in Canada continues unabated. During 2018, over 39,500 Indian citizens obtained permanent residency in Canada under the express entry system (this figure constitutes 43% of the total number).

According to recently released statistics, in 2018 Canada admitted more than 92,000 new permanent entry residents through its express entry system, which is a rise of 41% over the previous year. Permanent residency is akin to a green card in the US.

In the previous year, 2017, Canada had admitted nearly 65,500 permanent residents under the express entry route, of which 40%, or 26,300 odd, were from India. The number of Indian citizens to be awarded permanent residency in 2018 has increased by 51% from 2017.

Interestingly, China, which occupied second rank during 2017, slipped to third rank with only about 5,800 Chinese obtaining permanent residency in 2018. Nigeria occupied second slot. The number of invites issued to Chinese citizens showed negative growth.