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4 Pakistanis among 7 bootleggers attack Indian in Dubai

A group of seven bootleggers attacked an Indian with bars and snatched his money after he recorded the registration number of their vehicle which was used to illegally sell alcohol in the UAE, a Dubai court was told.

The seven defendants—four Pakistanis, two Nepalis and an Indian—used to illegally sell alcohol at Al Refaa area, Gulf News reported.

In July, the defendants attacked the 28-year-old Indian in front of a residential building.

“I knew the defendants as I used to see them selling alcohol in the area every day. I recorded their vehicle plate number to inform Dubai Police when they noticed me and launched their attack,” said the victim, according to official records.

The accused knocked the Indian on the ground, thrashed him with bars and snatched 1,500 dirhams (USD 408) from his possession before escaping, the report said.

Dubai Police arrested the defendants and seized a large amount of alcohol. They were charged with physically assaulting the victim and robbery.

They were sentenced to one month in prison followed by deportation by Dubai Court of Misdemeanour over possessing and selling alcohol illegally in the country.

The next hearing in the case has been scheduled for October 19.