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14-yr-old jumps off ashram building: Jalandhar

A 14-year-old inmate of the children’s home for girls at Gandhi Vanita Ashram here today jumped from the second floor of the ashram and sustained grievous injuries. While sources say it was a suicide attempt, the authorities claim the girl was trying to escape. This is the fifth such incident this year.

This incident has taken place within a month of superintendent Manjit Kaur taking charge of the ashram. Manjit had been suspended in March for “gross negligence”.

Sources said she had been sent back despite the inquiry marked for her previous tenure marred with incidents of escape/suicide.
The sources said the girl, who had been left to the ashram’s care by her grandmother and uncle (who claimed they could no longer keep her), tried to escape from the opening in an exhaust fan on the second floor bathroom. While trying to attempt a challenging escape from the little hole, the fan’s diagonal iron frame injured her waist and her chin was slit as she hit the ground. The girl has been admitted to the local Civil Hospital.

District Child Protection Officer Amarjit Singh Bhullar said, “The girl had been feeling homesick ever since she was brought in and was trying to escape. She just has two injuries on her waist and chin. We will examine the CCTV footage of the ashram on Monday.”

Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma said, “The girl was attempting an escape and fell. There is no serious injury.” The police said as the camera near the second floor bathroom was non-functional, no CCV footage could be taken.